4 thoughts on “How to put the puppy in the mobile phone pet on the phone desktop”

  1. Under normal circumstances, the replacement of Android phone wallpapers will look simpler. Take my mobile phone as an example. My mobile phone is Xiaomi and Meizu.
    The wallpaper of the mobile phone desktop and lock screen is as follows:
    1. Select the picture of you as a wallpaper (with the wallpaper and picture wallpaper with your own mobile phone, if you want to set your pet wallpaper on the desktop You can open the gallery and select a photo of you to make a wallpaper.) Long press the screen (Meizu is clicking the screen). There will be a pop -up window. If you click, you will set it as a desktop wallpaper, set to the lock screen wallpaper, (Also displayed as the main screen).
    2. Another is that the mobile phone application has a "personalized wallpaper" under the option of the desktop wallpaper. There is a custom that you can set the pictures you like.
    3. The setting of Apple mobile phones is also similar, as shown in the figure below:

  2. What mobile phone are you?
    usually in the main menu and then see if there are settings, or systems, or universal sub -menus below
    and then see if there are wallpapers or display settings or scenarios or appearance mode or appearance.
    then you can choose the wallpaper, find your picture, and then set

    P some mobile phones can also be adjusted directly to the pictures you want to set, that is, open your picture, see if there are options for options The sub -menu of the class may have a sub -menu that applies the picture as a desktop background after choosing

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