2 thoughts on “What to do if the dog has a cub at home”

  1. If you have the conditions to raise it yourself, you can give it to the dog without the conditions. After all, the dog is also a life.

  2. The dogs at home will get a safe and comfortable nest for them, adding some nutrients to the bitch appropriately to ensure that the bitch has enough milk to feed paparazzi. After the paparazzi is full, you can keep it. If you like it, you can keep it yourself. Perpass you do n’t want to raise can get the free market to sell or give it to friends or passers -by in need. I picked up a nest of puppies outside a few years ago. Seeing that they were poor and no one took home, they brought them home and met someone who liked them. They were liked to be encountered at the door of the community. The dog's people adopted. Ha ha……

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