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  1. Teddy dogs (details introduction)
    The people are early and late because of work, so there is not much time to raise pets. But many people like to raise dogs very much, but they suffer from their own work and never raise them. So how should office workers raise dogs? In fact, as long as you don't let the dog boring, lonely, and other psychological bad emotions.

    For office workers, it is best to take out some time to train the problem of the dog's excretion, because you can't urge them when no one is at home, so you can only rely on them to consciously abide by the hygiene habits. Essence The biggest problem for office workers is that they are afraid of dogs loneliness, so we can raise two dogs at the same time and let them get along friendly, so that when you are not at home, they can play with each other.
    For some dog taboo foods, it is best to place them where they are not enough, and some electrical appliances are best unplugged to prevent them from biting. Of course, it is best to train them not to approach these electrical appliances to prevent electric shock.
    If food can be fed more appropriately. After feeding, take the food bowl and put some water next to it. Keep the window in a ventilated state. You can prepare some toys for them to play. If you feel that you still have time when you come back at night, you can take them to meet.
    So the main problem for office workers is the education of dogs. Because of the less time to accompany them, it is not possible to correct some bad habits in time. Therefore, when resting, pay more attention to their every move. If problems are found, they should be educated and corrected in time.

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  3. I used to be an office worker with my husband before, and my dog ​​was more lively. From 2 months, I stayed at home. Although I was demolished when I was a kid, it was better now. Nine o'clock in the morning and get off work every day. Walk each morning and evening, half an hour before work in the morning, and one hour after get off work in the evening. One day he would basically not make trouble at home for ten hours, and he could always urinate at home during the day. As soon as he goes out, he is particularly cheerful. He will never play enough, but if he can call it back, there are many people tied away. No one let go of himself at night. Seeing people who know you will be cheerful on the way. Strangers don't care, unless he shows a friendly attitude.

  4. My puppy started raising from one month. Before it was from March to April, it needed 3 meals a day, morning, noon, evening. Although the amount of rice is not large, you must ensure that it cannot be hungry. If you are raising a minor puppy, you may be more troublesome, and you need to take time to take care of it at noon. It is better to do it after adults, and two meals in the morning and evening, so that you can avoid going home halfway at work. Dogs still need to be treated specially. What you need to do is to make your beloved shoes, data cables, power cords, pillows, etc. East Tibet. I used to bite two pairs of shoes. The wooden coffee table in the family was bitten, and the iPod's headset was bitten, and the book was not mentioned. In short, you put away all the things that should be put away, don't make yourself feel distressed. The puppy has a fun place. When it itchy, you stretch your fingers into your mouth and let it squeeze. It feels crispy and interesting.

  5. As the owner of a dog, prepare sufficient food for the dog and prepare water, so that the dog will not be hungry or thirsty when he is at home. It is best to be "concise" in the room, and no matter how docile and well -behaved, they will also degrade the captain of the demolition brigade when the owner is not at home, so your room is best to organize it. Put it in a high place or lock into the cabinet, beware of the dog's demolition. After get off work, hurry home, be with the dog, eat and drink, and walk with the dog, so that the dog will be very happy. Bleak

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