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  1. Dogs will decline or even abolish appetite in the early stages of pregnancy. It is often accompanied by vomiting and anorexia, and its abdomen circumference will increase over time. At this time You can squeeze out the milk out of the milk. About 40 days after it matches, you can get a palpal of the abdomen with your hands. There is a touch similar to a small ball. You can take X -rays at the pet hospital left and right to see a few. The delivery time of the bitch is generally 56 to 62 days. In the process of having a puppy, pay attention to providing sufficient food to prevent difficulty in giving birth due to physical strength. If the dog has a weakened contraction, you can inject the shrinkage or immediately take it to the hospital for a cesarean section. Pay attention to check whether the mouth and nasal cavity are unblocked to avoid death caused by hypoxia. Postpartum female dogs should pay attention to calcium supplementation to avoid postpartum syndrome. In order to ensure breast milk after giving birth, the mother's nutrition is needed, and high -protein food is supplemented.

    The facial fabric dogs will shrink quickly. In three or four weeks of pregnancy, there may be pregnancy reactions such as vomiting and loss of appetite. When the pregnancy is 20-30 days, the breasts of the pregnant dog are protruding, the breasts are swollen, the nipples are presented Peach red. In the fourth week of the breeding, touching the baby's abdominal uterus with your hand, the pregnancy female dog can feel like an egg -sized embryo.

    It 20 to 30 days after the breeding, the veterinarian can be asked to take blood samples or use ultrasonic diagnosis and other methods to confirm the diagnosis.

    This Ensure that determines the pregnancy is mainly to prevent it from being infected with disease and avoid bite with its dog. There is proper exercise every day is the best way to prevent dystocia, but do not perform intense exercise. Drugs should be removed around 30 days of pregnancy to remove tapeworms and tapeworms to avoid infection to fetuses and dogs.

    The nutrition between female dog pregnancy is important. It plays a decisive role in the health of the female dog, the normal development of the fetus, preventing miscarriage, and the secretion of female dog milk. For pregnancy maternal dogs, foods with high nutritional value should be fed to increase the content of protein, thermal energy and calcium and phosphorus in the diet. In the early stage (about 35 days), the pregnancy female dog can be kept according to the original breeding method. From 35 to 42 days, 42 to 49 days, 49-60 days, feeding feed should be increased by 10%, 20%, and 30 on the original basis, respectively. %, Especially in the later period, should pay attention to adding some easy -to -digest, rich in protein, rich in calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins. At 35 to 45 days of pregnancy, each should be fed 3 times, 44-60 days, and 4 times a day.

    During pregnancy, the movement often becomes dull and lazy. At this time, the dog owner must give the mother dog appropriate outdoor activities and let the female dog be exposed to the sun. Run up and down stairs and fight with other dogs to avoid abortion.

    If in the early stages of pregnancy, the pregnancy female dog must be deworming, but do not feed excessive insect repellent to avoid abortion.

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