3 thoughts on “What should I do if I am allergic to pet dogs?”

  1. I like dogs very much, but allergic to dogs, this is a very tangled thing. If you are allergic to dogs, but love deeply and do not want to give up dogs, then you need to pay more attention to the following methods to prevent dog allergies.

    First of all, dog allergies can be accompanied by clothes, curtains, walls, furniture and even air. Note that keeping cleaning can reduce your allergic reactions. Avoid dogs in the area where you sleep or stay for a long time. Washing your hands after playing with dogs, touching or feeding. You can also take some anti -allergic medicines before playing, a lot of strokes and feeding. Bathing and changing clothes also function.

    Is do not let your dogs jump to the furniture you sit, lie and use, do not let it sleep or play on it. The dandruff left in these places can cause severe allergic reactions. Clean or clean the floor every two or three months, and clean the carpet with a cleaning agent or heating method. Keep the dog's bedroom, toy and feeding area clean.
    Secondly, a good air filter can help control particles that cause allergic particles, but if you want to avoid the diffusion of the particles on the root, you must adhere to a strict cleaning plan. If you can't clean your dog, you have to find a friend or family member to complete the work. Take a bath once or twice a week. At the same time, you should pay attention to cleaning the cleaning agent. The drying agent to the skin will cause more serious desquamation. If you allow it, you can use a soft brush every day. This can remove the dandruff that is loose and loose in the hair. The scrubbing of the entire body should be performed once or twice a week, so as to remove the deep hair removal.
    The scrubbing here refers to the strict brushing of the body. It must be able to touch the skin, but it cannot hurt the dog. If you brush too heavy, the dog will be bored with finishing quickly, which will turn this work to you and the dog into a headache! Finally, any variety of dogs may cause allergies. Because no matter how strict organizing and preventing technology, all dogs will produce dandruff, saliva and urine, which will cause allergies. However, some varieties have less dandruff, and those with allergies can carefully consider dog feeding with scarcity of hair or light hair removal.

  2. Allergies to pet dogs should be less contact with dogs.
    Perhaps allergen will change after a period of time.
    Forcibly contacting dogs during the allergic stage of pet dogs will only make the allergies more serious.
    is allergic to just because the immune system is looking for an imaginary enemy.

  3. If the family is very allergic to pets, it is best to give pets to others. Even so, allergies may continue for a long time, because pet dandruff can stay in the house for half a year. If the family is not very allergic to pets, just control the pets, don't let them enter the room of the allergic person.
    It if you are a bit allergic to pets, but it is necessary to support it, it will be more expensive. When you take care of your hair for your pets, you have to wear a mask to avoid flying dandruff into the respiratory tract. An air filter is prepared at home to remove dandruff everywhere. In addition, bathing pets often wash off their dandruff, which will reduce your allergic symptoms a lot.

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