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  1. To know yourself and choose a job that suits you.
    The project must find a good project.
    How to find projects, find those highly technical barriers and industry protection, and find projects that can create wealth and economic added value for the outside world for a long time.
    It is not recommended to start a business when you are hot. Entrepreneurship requires a lot of early investment, and you can't even see the short -term results. The project is important and the analysis of the industry is also important. Can't make your head and decide to invest.
    It, it is important to find good ideas and teams. The failure rate of entrepreneurship is very high, and we have a deeper understanding of our venture capital. The entrepreneurial project 100 can live and live well.
    It the rest of the entrepreneurs can only be said to be cut by leeks by society.
    I answer your questions, I hope the following suggestions will be helpful to you.
    1. Entrepreneurship investment is to find the blue ocean instead of the Red Sea. The so -called Red Sea is the number of competitors and the threshold for entry is not particularly easy to set. The so -called blue ocean has a certain threshold for entry. It is not easy for everyone to do it. It is an emerging industry and the rising industry.
    2. Grasp the entrepreneurial opportunities now and convert creativity into entrepreneurial opportunities. There is no saturated market, only saturated thoughts. In the era of innovation. If your creativity is unique and novel, or the fields that you are good at have different technical or thoughts, it is relatively easy to stand out.
    3. Meet the needs of others. Appreciate the difficulties of yourself and others, and find an innovative and entrepreneurial opportunity on your pain points. Creativity mainly comes from the grasp of the trend. You solve the problem that you have not solved. The use of idle resources, these are the needs that others will not meet. If you can find opportunities on this, I believe you are closer to success.
    4. Select the right business model. You are positioned to which groups you are and what are your relationship with customers.
    5. The quality of its own is excellent. If you have management ability and no technology, you have to find the corresponding technical personnel to cooperate to make up for the shortcomings. It is difficult to achieve results alone. Cooperation can win.
    In short, the early stage of entrepreneurship is a very difficult process, and the hardships can taste the sweetness behind. Ma Yun was not successful at a time, but also out of the Avenue of Kangzhuang through continuous collision and groping. This does not mean that the first entrepreneurship will fail. He once said that if I can start a business successfully, 80%of young people can start a business success. The road of entrepreneurship was a light after turning over the mountains. I hope my answer will help you and come on.

    The entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs to optimize and integrate the resources they have or work hard to create greater economic or social value The process of entrepreneurs requires entrepreneurs to organize operations, use services, technology, and utensils' thinking, reasoning and judgment.
    I recommend Amazon cross -border e -commerce. In 2020, the traditional industry has been greatly impacted due to the epidemic. Now Amazon cross -border is also a trend. A computer can operate, mainly to simply modify the domestic e -commerce products and upload it to foreign stores to earn a difference. There is no need to stock up the time for stocking. The profit is also very good now. The monthly profit of the shops operated now is around 10,000 yuan. As long as you insist on yourself, do not want to fish for two days and two days of drying the net, you have been close to success.
    In recent years, whether it is entity or the Internet, it seems that because of economic downturn, it is not easy to do.
    This, as a large manufacturing country, has a serious overcapacity. With the rise of China's international status, many foreign friends are very interested in Chinese culture. In order to solve the problem of overcapacity, the country has focused its attention to overseas markets.
    In this year's two -session government work report, two times mention cross -border e -commerce, and then put cross -border e -commerce favorable policies, and this has been in the government work report for three consecutive years since 2017 for three consecutive years. Among them, this all reflects the government's attention to my country's cross -border e -commerce. Since the birth of cross -border e -commerce, it has been encouraged and supported by the government. As a result, the industry has entered a period of rapid development. Coupled with cross -border e -commerce docking "Belt and Road" development, it can bring huge potential overseas markets. Made in China is moving towards the whole of the whole. world.
    At the national level, cross -border e -commerce has policy support, that is, cross -border e -commerce is an industry that is "holding thighs" and is a good choice suitable for entrepreneurial friends.
    Hello! Let me answer your questions. "Do you have any suggestions for future entrepreneurship?" Your question is very good. It is recommended that too much, let me suggest four o'clock.
    do you know, no matter which industry you choose to start a business, many things already exist. They are very competitive. Unless you are a project for product innovation research and development. Traditional: manufacturers, agents, wholesalers, retailers, customers. When these exist. So do you want to start a business success? What should I do?
    The first, do the moment, and use the strength to make 100 yuan for 100 yuan, and it is natural to make money.
    Because the resources we need are already existing in the society, so that things can be not owned by us, but it can be used for us and creation will never be "borrowed" quickly. You can think and brain your brain at this face.
    It the core of making money in this era is two words: sharing sharing.
    Werate, entrepreneurs who always think of how much money you can make will be destined to fail. Because such people are too selfish and can't do big things. Because the core foundation of the business model design that can make money is the quantity profit. It is to be done by the huge crowd. Designing the business model of making money is not to sell it by themselves, but to accomplish it to drive more people to make money so that you can get greater benefits.
    This is more understandable: It is to use others' money, people of others, and use the time of others to help another group of people use the resources of others to maximize the value and make some money by the way. And this "point" money is infinite.
    It, we cannot change the manufacturer and the account group. The main design intermediate circulation link is the correct logic.
    we must change the original transaction structure and adjust the original profit allocation. The profits of the original provincial, city, and retail stores are allocated to customers. Let customers promote themselves, publicize themselves, and buy themselves to save money by themselves. All the people are agents, win -win and mutually beneficial.
    If, avoid markets with strong competitiveness, develop a huge non -customer market, aiming at non -customers.
    Maton's original products, some precise customers, you can't grab others. Because people's products have a sense of knowledge and trust. There are two types of customers, one is precise customers, and the other is non -customer. So how can we get huge non -customers?
    . For example: such as "brain platinum", promoting sleep, gifts for gifts, giving gifts for brain platinum. It is aimed at the elderly group. The elderly will not be able to pay for the elderly, and they will be willing to pay for it, and the gifts are even more willing to spend money. It is a health product to catch this and get huge non -customers. In fact, it is a health product with sleeping pills. Instead, the precise customers who buy sleeping pills are reluctant to buy sleeping pills, and in turn buy brain platinum. Many people who do n’t even buy sleeping pills and many gifts are bought. This is the way to avoid markets with strong competitiveness.
    Summary: There are many suggestions, there is no way to finish it at a time. For future entrepreneurship, you can pay attention to quoting these four points.
    Is my answer can be useful to you, thank you for reading!
    of course, you need to choose a suitable project, otherwise the bamboo basket will be empty. You can consider the Internet. Now it is the era of mobile Internet. The development of the e -commerce industry is also very fast. Coupled with the strong support of the country, cross -border e -commerce is a new vane of the Internet industry, just like a few years ago, a few years ago The same is the same. Now most people are office workers, and most of them have the habit of shopping, so the Internet is their first choice. Among them, the Amazon platform has a new out -of -stock model, that is, you do not need to stock up and ship yourself. It is through the ERP system. Collecting the products on the domestic platform several times and uploading to the Amazon store. You can upload products without restrictions, no resources, no need to stock up, simple operation, small investment (no need to stock up), large market opening (global store opening store opening) ), High profits (poor exchange rates), easy to operate (handling shops), the average monthly profit of molding stores is about 15,000!
    After starting a business, study hard and make work fine
    The entrepreneurship is not equal to being a boss and making money. You must first look at the potential value of development. It is not worth a long time. Before starting a business, you can go to the relevant company to work for a period of time to accumulate experience.
    This asked so much that he didn't count in your heart. Entrepreneurship is not going to a nightclub, please be careful!

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