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  1. "PPTP" generally refers to a virtual -specific network.

    . The purpose of PPTP:

    1, the main use in the country: doing foreign games. For example, I want to play foreign game coins now , To buy PPTP, this is also the main purpose of PPTP.

    2, other purposes: for the use of game currency studios, followed by some friends who do foreign registered websites.

    . The purpose of VPS:

    1, VPS host is mainly transition from space to server. The feature is cheap, but stability is average.
    n2, VPS It is operated by the desktop. After logging in with remote login, it is the same layout as your own machine. You can install software on it.

    3, another common use of VPS is to use the download station. After all, it is a virtual host, so the speed is much faster than the normal space, and the hard disk is also suitable for downloading stations. So generally you will choose a VPS host. The differences of those:

    1. We can understand VPS as a server. After a server is divided into software, it becomes multiple servers. They have an independent operating system and independent IP. At the time, each small independent operating system is a VPS. It can also be understood that VPS is a server with a lower configuration.

    2, PPTP is a software. With an account and password, we log in to log in After that, when our machine accesss the website or on QQ or logs in to some network software, the IP displayed and used is foreign. That is to say, PPTP is a machine that allows our machine to directly connect to foreign countries abroad Things on the network cable. PPTP is divided into two types, one is static PPTP, and the other is a dynamic PPTP. Dynamic PPTP changes the IP once every time you log in.

  2. Point -to -point tunnel protocol (PPTP) is a network technology that supports multiple protocol virtual networks. Through this protocol, remote users can access the company network through Microsoft Windows NT workstations, Windows 95 and Windows 98 operating systems, and other system security access to the company, and can be connected to the local ISP to the company network through Internet security.

    It, I said that it is a protocol used in VPN.
    You will encounter in the establishment of a VPN connection.

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