3 thoughts on “Help some questions about SIS membership level”

  1. The upgrade method is generally divided into two.
    The first type: sponsorship members, there is an introduction in the forum, it seems to be 1,000 permanent.
    The second type: you can enter some casual sections. If you reply serious, there will be extra points. Gold coins and levels have a formula.

  2. Xunlei member account sharing: lihonghai
    The cause of sharing: want to upgrade quickly, at the same time facilitates everyone
    sharing needs to know in time after use, so as to facilitate others to use, please do not move messages at the same time Homepage!
    Finally, I hope the user will cherish love to protect this account. If there is no problem, I will consider the long -term release, thank you for your cooperation! Intersection Intersection

  3. After the membership of the member, the WeChat payment is directly traded in the transaction voucher, then click the complaint to report the screenshot of the receipt code and then refund you obediently.

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