Is artificial intelligence to invest, is it reliable? What are the famous trading systems?

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  1. In the field of chess and Chinese chess, human beings are no longer the opponent of a computer. Because there is basically no artificial intelligence, the computer only needs to rely on powerful computing capabilities, which is enough to defeat humans. The computer can calculate the possibility of all the possibilities and deduct all the possibilities of the computer. Judging from the results of previous games, this is an indisputable fact; however, as the last fortress of human beings, Go cannot be solved by violent calculation, because every point on the Go chessboard is black, white, empty, and three cases. There are 19*19 = 361 points on the chessboard, so the number of games that may be generated is 361 categories of 3, and the changes formed on the 361 chessboard are a astronomical figure. Instead, how many atoms are in the universe. Because of the complex and variety characteristics, Go is recognized by all people as the last fortress of the computer to play with the human brain, but now the last fortress has been broken by Alpha in a sense.

    Strictly speaking, Alpha is far away from real artificial intelligence, but the performance of this Go contest makes us seem to see the future. Unlike the previous dark blue, the core of AlphaGo is two different types of two kinds of different ones. Deep neural network. "Strategy Network" () and "Value Network (). Their task is to "select" those promising steps, abandon obvious bad chess, so as to control the calculation amount in the range that the computer can complete -essentially the same as human chess players. On the one hand, AlphaGo has strong computing capabilities and has super learning ability. It can be imagined that if these advantages are used in financial transactions, it may really be a revolution. Machines may not be far away from humans.
    The people who have traded transactions, are no stranger to EA (Expert Advisor). Many people and companies are doing EA research and development. EA actually only writes a fixed trading mode into code to automatically execute the computer. Basically All EA's programming principles are based on technical indicators, and automatic transactions are used by programming, so EA cannot talk about smart transactions. The development of EA must first have a profitable trading system, but the profitable trading system itself is a paradox, because there is basically no fixed trading model in the market, because the market is constantly changing every day, EA’s There is no way to adapt to these changes in the fixed mode, so in many cases, EA only performs well in a certain period. And people can change their strategies according to market changes, and continue to learn and adapt to new changes according to errors. So can artificial intelligence realize real automatic transactions?
    In international investment bank Goldman Sachs developed an artificial intelligence energy -oriented trading system called "Goldman Sachs Quantum".高盛量子的优势在于强大的数据处理能力,而交易也同样需要大量的数据处理能力,一个人很难做到对某一个产品所有交易历史数据的复盘,但是计算机分分钟就可以做到,并且Complete the storage and analysis of data. On the one hand, all historical data include the market trend and economic indicators, make a transaction model of a high probability event, formulate a suitable transaction strategy, on the other hand, use the computer's "deep learning" capabilities, and constantly follow new changes in the market. To make reasonable adjustments and changes, to distinguish the unilateral sides through appropriate trials and error, and to shock different market forms, and combine the analysis of big data to give the correct judgment.
    Recently, Goldman Sachs Quantum has opened a live broadcast of some products on the Douyu Live Platform. You can refer to it.

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