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  1. In fact, whether it is Deyou or other real estate companies, they are similar. What you want to see is welfare benefits and commission ratio. Maybe you will have a master. If you recruit you, you can go directly to the store to ask, they do not have work experience. The competition in the Central Plains is fierce and ruthless, which is a good place for newcomers. The Pacific does not treat people as people, squeezing labor.

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    I said that I did it in the 21st Century Jing'an District Store in Central Plains and finally chose De You. The founders of Zhongyuan said that Deyou was the biggest dark horse. Dark horses are not tortured people and become dark horses. Deyou has a unique charm. I have always wanted to change everyone more respect for the agent! Those who are afraid of Deyou will say such things. Deyou never owe employees' money. Even if you leave, you will send it to you. The Central Plains is nothing. Salary commission is gone like you. Reply to the wind and rain 0212012-2-10
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    The is Han Yu, which is more powerful, the 21st century. The Central Plains is like the Qing Dynasty under the governance of Cixi, and Deyou is like China that has just been reforming and opening up! If you want to develop, enter Deyou. Just exercise, you can consider going to Central Plains when you do not develop your career! There are only so many suggestions to reply
    The wind and rain 0212012-2-10
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    At present, there are 87 stores in Deyou, and the concept of the company is frank and mutual assistance. I have been in Deyou for more than two years and I don't do it at present, but I am nostalgic for the working atmosphere there. I have also done it in the Central Plains and the 21st century before. The founder of the Central Plains is "governed by inaction". However, after his retirement, the new Central Plains Shanghai owner Tan Baiqiang became all high -level seniors because he could enter the board of directors. Regardless of employees and death. In the East District of the Central Plains before, the elderly had gone over there. And everything went. In the 21st century, because it is a listed company, the requirements for personnel are relatively low. As long as the store is opened, there is basically no management reply.

  3. I do it in this industry, just as the big agency mentioned upstairs is very competitive and ruthless. I think this environment may not be a good place for newcomers. The intermediary is not impressive now. In the final analysis, the reason is that the vicious competition is to sign the order, and of course it is not all. A friend of me is in Xinyi House and the company talks about the service concept. The basic salary is 5K/month in the first five months. I originally wanted to go in, but later I learned that they should not have an intermediary experience. It seems that they pay attention to the growth environment of company employees! I suggest you not easy, take a look!

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