1 thought on “What is the three Bao Shijie Douyin”

  1. Three Bao Shijie Douyin was 360 yuan. Douyin a Porsche is equivalent to 120 yuan. The Porsche in Douyin is a reward gift in the live broadcast. A Porsche in the Live Gift of Douyin needs 1200 shaking coins. According to the conversion amount of the Douyin platform, it is 1:10. 10 = 120, so a Porsche in Douyin needs 120 yuan, but you must consume rationally. Do not add to gifts.
    The Porsche car in Douyin, 1200 sound waves, worth 120 yuan. Douyin is a music creative short video social software hatched today. The software was launched on September 20, 2016. It is a short video community platform for all ages. There are 3 cars in the reward gifts in Douyin live, namely: Porsche is 1200 sound waves (120 yuan), romantic delivery is 8888 sound waves (888.8 yuan), Lamborghini is 5200 sound waves (520 yuan) Essence

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