Where can I sell the World of Warcraft Frost Sweekee Scraping Card

The first edition of the scraping card, the World of Warcraft Frost Gang, is there any sold?

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  1. There is a way to obtain the "Frost Sweet";
    The friends have a misunderstanding. I will explain to you that this thing early (at least in the national service) is not directly obtained by scraping cards. The first edition of the "Far Shot Landuo" in the WOWTCG scraping card was exchanged for the "Flame Gela".
    only the flame jersey is obtained by the redemption code on the scraping card, while other different color styles of the same background: frost jersey, void jersey, anger shirt, natural shirt, Olympic jersey , Defenders' shots and brilliant jerseys are purchased by 2000UDE points (as far as I know, the national service only supports the exchange of frost jersey, and other colors cannot be exchanged). A point card that is obtained and accumulated (this is the main point acquisition method), and the cooperation between UDE and Blizzard has ended after 10 years, so the UDE integration system has been closed. For a period of time, it has been out of print. Only the remaining points that have not been exchanged before can be bought at high prices. The number is very small and is not sure if it can still be redeemed through the integration website (the page may not exist)
    Because of these reasons, only what you can buy on some trading platforms is the first version of the "Flame Gang" with a large number of prints
    "; I almost couldn't get the jersey before that, but it was worth celebrating that the" Frost Sword "of the Queen of Draeno, the queen of Draeno, in the Blizzard, will be refreshed in the black markets of various servers, and auction, players can rearm it again. Buy through gold coins.
    as while you are relieved in your heart, it is explained that the price of the shirt is relatively large. Generally, the price of the highest transaction can reach the lowest price of 95W. After the black market is refreshed, go to buy it. In addition, the refresh of this shirt is very rare (because it will also brush other colors of jersey, but those who are almost unattended) means that you have to buy in the short term or you have to look at luck. You want to want to be lucky. More quickly, just choose to transfer to buy.
    In I hope you can start with what you want early

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