"Hua Mulan" was broadcast and sold for 209 yuan. Why do nine adults do not want to spend money?

5 thoughts on “"Hua Mulan" was broadcast and sold for 209 yuan. Why do nine adults do not want to spend money?”

  1. There is only one reason, which is too expensive. Disney plays the movie Mulan on the Internet. The cost of watching is 29.99 US dollars. It can be understood as $ 30, which is our RMB 209. The small staff in the city, the fare of our cinema here, if you are a member, you should usually be around 35 ~ 40 yuan, 209 yuan is enough for me to watch 6 movies, and then buy some snacks.
    So, this is why 90 % of the audience is unwilling to spend money to watch. Watching you a movie, I can watch 56 movies, and you can even watch 7 movies. What about your movie? Besides, after a while, after this movie has been shown for a while, the price may change in the price, so I would rather wait for it, and I don’t want to spend this injustice now. of.
    I personally think that economic problems are the biggest problems, which hinders many people's needs for watching movies. There are 209 yuan. The child eats fast food and gives your wife a bouquet. Eat a meal at a small restaurant. And this movie can not be watched in the cinema. It can only be seen online. The audition effect has been reduced by more than half. How can you let us be willing to pay this money?
    The is still looking forward to Liu Yifei Zhen Zidan. Gong Li performed wonderful performances in this movie, but the wonderful performance must be linked to our actual situation, just like we like an expensive international brand very much The bag, but I only have 600 yuan on my body, and the bag costs 60,000, so I can only take a look at the window without paying money to buy it because there is no economic ability.
    . Although the fare of this movie is not as expensive to this outrageous state, we can think about it as an ordinary person, as a working class, even if we like something, once we encounter the price of the price, this is the price. If there is no discussing hard standards, then we can only look forward to it. Ninety -percent people are unwilling to spend money to see it because of this reason. You are so expensive that we have to refuse our working class in themselves.

  2. The first is that the plot is not very attractive, and the so -called big production does not seem to be the name, and in recent years, everyone has become picky. Treating the film is no longer the time when the traffic is the first.

  3. I think it is mainly because the price is too expensive. I usually go to the cinema to watch a lot of movie tickets for dozens of yuan. This is too expensive.

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