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  1. Many shareholders and friends may be staring at the stock price most of the time. However, they will not pay attention to some important technical indicators. At the same time, stock trading also has technical indicators. However, the moving average is one of the important elements in the technical indicators. What exactly does the moving average refer to and what does it mean to apply at the same time? Let me briefly explain to you, the school sister also hopes to help everyone. Before the analysis, give you a wave of benefits-the selected bull stock list of the institution is freshly released. The opportunity is rare to miss the list of bull stocks recommended by the agency. Intersection Intersection
    . Definition of moving average
    1, what is the moving average
    The moving average is an important technical indicator. Investors often use it. A moral line obtained by the cycle. For example, in this week, only 2 days are not a trading day. The closing price of 5 trading days is added to the average obtained from 5, and the same way on the 10th and 20th.
    2, what are the moving average, different colors
    The moving average is different according to the selected parameters, and the effect and response are different. Common parameters are 5 days, 10th, 20th, 30th, 60th, 120th, and 250th. Commonly used colors include white (5 -day line), yellow (10 -day line), purple (20 -day line), green (30 -day line), gray (60 -day line), blue (120 -day line), orange (250 (250) (250 (250) On the day), but the color does not have a unified regulation, and shareholders can set different colors according to their habits.
    . The simple application of the moving average
    1. How to see the moving average in the trend chart
    (1) Add the moving average: First, control the interface on the stock software, then click the MA key to appear quietly to appear quietly. As shown in the figure below, then press the Enter key to OK

    (2) View moving average:

    2, which piece is used
    The average price and trend reflection, through the moving average, we can intuitively see the overall operation of the price within a period of time. The role and significance of each line are different. Let me just tell you the relationship with you
    (1) The 5th moving average (attack line): the attack line is up, the stock price rises and breaks through the attack line, the short -term will be in the short term. Will look up. In the same way, if the 5 -day moving average falls below the moving average, it will be short in the short term.
    (2) 10th moving average (quotation line): When the state of the trading line is relatively aggressive in the disk, if the stock price exceeds the trading line, it means reduce.
    (3) 20 -day moving average (auxiliary line): The role is to assist the 10 -day moving average, which not only has the effect of promoting price operation strength and price trends, but also achieves the amendment of the two, so that the direction of the price trend operation is not the direction of the two. Change again. If the auxiliary line in the disk shows a continuous upward attack state, when the price breaks through the auxiliary line, this means that the wave segment mid -line market has been seen more from this time, and the opposite is empty.
    (4) A moving average (lifeline): Its role can point out the mid -term motion trend of the stock price, and the lifeline is used as a strong pressure and support. The same is true in the disk. If the trend of the lifetime line is obtained, and the stock price is soaring or the breakthrough line is more, it will be empty,
    (5) 60 -day moving average (decision line): You can see according to this to see this according to this. The medium -term reversal trend of the price is guided to the large -scale band -level operation in the established trend. Regarding this moving average, the basic main force attaches great importance to it, and it can play a vital role in the motion trend of the mid -stock price.
    (6) 120 -day moving average (Trend Line): The same is true, that is, indicating the long -term reversal trend of the price in the price. Essence If the stock price breaks through the trend line, it should not be reversed in a short period of time, and it will not reverse it for more than ten days.
    (7) 250 -day moving average (annual line): Whether you need long -term investment to refer to the moving average. The company's related situation and income can have a general understanding through it.
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    3, what are the common forms of moving average?
    (1) Multi -head arrangement: It means that the current moving average supports the stock price rising, and it is more.

    (2) Blind arrangement: It shows multiple moving average anti -pressure stock prices, which is empty.

    (3) Silver Valley: The graphics formed at that time when the short and medium line all passed through the long line, there will be a quadrilateral, or triangle, as if the shape of a valley, and in the long run The first valley that appeared after falling was called Silver Valley.
    (4) Golden Valley: Another valley appears after the silver valley, which is often more stable than the buying point of the silver valley.

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  2. I. Basic principles and characteristics of the average line:
    In the buying and selling of stocks, the use of mobile average technology to determine the rise and fall of shares is the simplest and most basic method.
    The moving average expresses the average stock price of the stock in the past period, reflecting the stock value that the market is generally recognized in the corresponding period, and it can also be regarded as the average cost of the market in the past.
    This moving average has the following four characteristics:
    1. The multi -head and short arrangement of the moving average can be judged by the bull market and bear market. When the short -term average is on the long -term average, we call it a long arrangement, that is, the bull market; otherwise, when the short -term average is below the long -term average, we call it short arrangement, that is, a bear market.
    2. The golden fork and dead fork of the long -term mobile average and short -term average can be used as the buying point and selling point, that is, the bulls are the buying point, and the short arrangement is the selling point.
    3. The moving average has the effect of helping the stock price, that is, once the stock price is found to break down or downward, the stock price will run in the direction of breakthroughs for a period of time.
    4. When the stock price is far from the average line, the average line will attract the stock price. When it is higher than the average line, it shows that there are too many profit chips, and there will be a request to make a down; on the contrary, when the stock price is far lower than the average line, it will show that the number of losers will start to increase Appear.

  3. *Modeling theory*

    In technical analysis, the principle of market costs is very important. It is the basis of the trend. In the upward trend, the cost of the market is gradually rising, and in the downward trend, the market cost is gradually moved down. The change in costs leads to the continuation of the trend.
    The average market average cost changes in a certain period of time. My [Demon Swordsman] attaches great importance to the moving average. In many years, it summarizes a complete set of market cost changes-moving average theory. It is effective to judge the general trend.
    The content package is expanded:
    1, the moving average replenishment. 2. Subvective convergence. 3. Modeling repair. 4. The moving average divergent.
    5, the moving average is parallel. 6, moving average pulse. 7, the moving average departs. 8. Modeling to push.
    9, the moving average is reversed. 10, moving average obey. 11, moving average through. 12, average angle.

    , one, moving averages.
    The moving average reflects the market cost of the market during the moving average period, for example: the 30 -day moving average of the market average cost within 30 days. The stock price always revolves around the moving average. When the stock price deviates too far, the cost will cause the stock price to replenish the moving average (rebate) in the bull market.

    , the moving average convergence.
    The status of moving average is an important signal of the market. When multiple moving average shows signs of convergence, it indicates that the cost of the market is becoming consistent. At this time, it is the time of the market, because there will be changes in the market! The broader market will be re -selected.

    When the moving average convergence, everyone can see that this is not important, and it is important: how to judge the direction of the transformer before the transition? It is very important to judge the direction of changing the disk after the average line convergence. He is the Guan Jian of the success or failure.
    Is when judging the direction of the disk, you should grasp the other two principles: the principle of the moving average and the principle of reversing the moving average.
    The principle of moving average observance is: the short -term moving average must be obedient to the long -term moving average. The direction of the transition will be carried out in the direction of the long -term moving average. The daily line must obey the week, and the long -term obedience must be obeyed.

    The conclusion that the principle of using moving average obedience is not necessarily correct. It is just the greatest possibility, and he still has an important quilt: that is, dullness, and it cannot be used to judge the highest highest. Points and the bottom point can only be used to judge the overall general direction. In addition, in actual combat, the market often has unexpected reversal. At this time, the principle of moving averages must be completely invalidated, and at this time, the principle of moving average should be used.
    The principle of moving average to reversing refers to: when the market appears to go to the anti -routing principle to the anti -walking form: the market is reversed or the top reversal, at this time it depends on the torsional strength. The principle of moving average has a large inertia, which is generally effective in general, and it is not easy to reverse it. At the low position, multiple moving average converge. You can't know whether it is the bottom or a decline in a relay platform at this time. downwards. However, when the market has a huge continuous trading volume at a low level, it is reversed upwards. The upward twisting of the bottom must have a huge turnover, and the volume of the transaction represents the strength of the twisting!
    It, after the high position, when the stock price falls below the moving average, it will stop loss. Although the moving average is still upward, the moving average has been reversed, so the discipline must be performed at this time.

    is worth noting that any technical analysis method is not the only one, and it is impossible to be absolutely accurate. They all have their own defects. The analysis method combines comprehensive use. For example, the moving average analysis must be combined with type analysis and trend line analysis. If the test is filtered to the fundamental face analysis, the accuracy rate will be greatly improved, so that the strengths can be used for strengths and complementary advantages.

    three, moving average fix
    to a large extent representing market costs, and the most direct manifestation of market costs is the operation of the moving average. When the bull market, as the stock price continues to rise, the stock price continues to rise. The cost of the market has also risen, and the moving average runs steadily. When the market enters the bear market, as the stock price continues to decline, the market cost is continuously moved down. At this time We will find that there is an inseparable connection between the stock price and the moving average. The stock price has always fluctuated around the moving average, and the direction of the moving average is the direction of the stock price operation. Why is this? The theoretical basis for explaining this phenomenon is the cost factor. When the market rises, the cost of the market also rises. When the stock price rises too fast in the short term, due to the insufficient turnover rate, it will lead to market profit in the short term. Increased the market, thereby generating a long knot, forming a profit -making pressure, leading to the adjustment of the stock price to the cost (moving average). When the stock price fell too fast in the short term, because the market cost did not decline rapidly, the average cost of the market was losing money. Essence There is a strong attraction between the stock price and the moving average. When the stock price is far from the moving average, the cost factors will cause the stock price to return to the moving average, thereby forming a callback or rebound. This phenomenon is the "moving average repair" (the restoration rate between the stock price and the moving average). The departure rate is a very important technical indicator. It is very important in actual combat. It intuitively reflects the extent of the departure of the stock price.

    The stock price will occur in two cases when the price is repaired: 1. Actively repair. 2. Passive repair.
    1, active repair means that when the stock price deviates too far, violent fluctuations occur, and the transaction volume is enlarged. The initiative and quickly return to the moving average. This phenomenon generally occurs when the top and bottom occur.
    A, the active restoration at the bottom, when the stock price plummeted continuously, panic selling at this time, the stock price fell into a straight line diving, the stock price quickly stayed away from the moving average, and at the same time, the entire moving average system was divergent. Due to the operation speed of the stock price, the market has a huge degree of deserture in technology. When the panicity of irrational selling is over, the market's throwing pressure is rapidly alleviated. At this time The low buying market began to intervene. Due to the reduction of the pressure, the low -level buying can easily cause the stock price to rebound rapidly. Fear of stepping on the air, and then turning over the market at any time, so the stock price rises and actively attacks the upper moving average. This is the active repair of the moving average at the bottom. At this time, the market is bottomed out, at least the bottom is also the bottom.
    B. The active repair at the top. When the stock price continues to skyrocket, the consumption price has risen at this time, the stock price has entered a straight line, and the stock price quickly stays away from the medium- and long -term moving average. At the same time, the entire moving average system is divergent. Because the moving average cannot keep up with the rise in the stock price, the market has a huge departure rate in technology. When the consumable increase is over, the market ’s buying is rapidly reduced. At this time The profit -which causes a large pressure on the market. Due to the weakening of the buying disk, the high -level sales can easily cause the stock price to fall rapidly. The high level of decline, the bulls are afraid of the complement, and the overflow at any time will be left over to stop the loss. Therefore, the stock price fell, and the medium- and long -term moving average below was actively quickly retreat. This is the active repair of the moving average on the top. At this time, the market is at least short -term.
    2, the passive repair of the moving average, the passive repair of the moving average refers to the active repair after the stock price deviates from the moving average. Or the middle of the decline, the specific manifestation is strong organizing or falling resistance. He is a kind of relay signal in the market. Once the moving average keeps up, the stock price will still maintain the original rise or decline.
    A. The passive repair on the way up. At this time, the market is on the way, and the stock price deviates from the medium- and long -term moving average. But the profit tray is originally a source of%b

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