1 thought on “What is the name of the living game of live anchors?”

  1. What do you want to ask is the animated version of "Real Lord's Escape Game", what is the origin of alpaca?
    Manasia, maybe it is an artificial intelligence in the virtual world. It is responsible for the various situations in the 13th street. In this case, it can be explained. Mr. was a friend, and then Mr. Alpaca refused because it had already been approved because Mr. Alpaca might know that he could not do without it, because he was just an artificial intelligence without entity, and he could only stay here. At the same time, it also explained that when the underground city was clear, there was no camera to enter, but the reason why it can be broadcast.
    It, the cute design of the alpaca camera, which can be moved by itself, is not manual control, then it is estimated that it only helps the non -human artificial intelligence. A non -human beings can explain why, Guizaki attacked him before the founding of the country, and then Mr. Alpaca had nothing to do, but there was another possibility, that is, Mr. Alpaca, which is a virtual role. But this is really a real -human control, which is similar to the situation of entering and out of Xiao. In this case, it should be regarded as humans.

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