2 thoughts on “What is the stable currency USDN? Any functions?”

  1. The algorithm -type stable currency USDN, with the strong performance of NGK, solves the most concerned payment efficiency problem in the current market, and gives USDN circulation currency, USDN bond vouchers, and USDN equity indexes. The value of USDN is equal to the price of the US dollar. Even in a short time fluctuating, it will quickly return to normal prices under the control of smart contracts.

  2. There are many uses for stable currency, which can be used as an intermediary to repeatedly jump in fiat currency transactions and currency transactions, which greatly facilitates users to exchange digital currencies into more acceptable fiat currencies. In addition, stablecoin can support many other applications, such as the USDT of China currency, which can be used for DEFI mining, and Binance seems to be available; QC is also prepared to apply to many platforms of DEFI mining. The liquidity mining is very hot now, and these stablecoins are like a ticket, becoming a voucher for entering the door. BTW, QC, as a stable coin of offshore RMB 1: 1, is supported by China currency in the three major digital currency exchanges.

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