5 thoughts on “What is the experience of family brainwashing by MLM?”

  1. Even my biological son did not recognize it, saying that I didn't listen, everything she did for this family, she would get 10.4 million for her 3 years. Macro -controlled, I was also called by her, but the brainwashing was not successful. After all, some social experience. At that time, I cried and cried. The police have no way. They are all victims. There is a severe disaster area over there. After taking away people, after taking away people, I asked the video of two hours to hit MLM. It was useless. After coming out, the police hit them macro -control. There is really no way to let the police turn off for a day. After the family comes, the family is forced to bring it back. She deduct her ID card. She is still away by her. Her hair is pale, she knows that it is the police that I report, and said that my son can even report it, and what else can't do it. When they use family affection to brainwashing people, they always say On the body, the children's hearts are on the stone, will your mother call you over, will it hurt you? Similarly, will I be a son, will it hurt her? I persuaded her to even be beaten. In order to not even have two people, my sister was still studying, and I was getting married at the age of marriage. For this reason, the family who made it could not be peaceful. What should I do?

  2. May be beaten to the defendant because of debt, or those who are cheated by you to be exposed or even in jail, every day I have no choice but to take my family.

  3. To put it bluntly, it is to develop relatives and friends or others to buy their company products, and some even have no products at all. He didn't believe anything I said.

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