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  1. The 45 -year -old Beckham, the player era has played for the Premier League Manchester United, Real Madrid in La Liga, and AC Milan of Serie A, is a fan of countless people. After retiring, Beckham is also the winner of life. On March 31, the "Sun" and "Daily Mail" and other media exposed Beckham's mansion in Miami, USA. This set of apartments with a cost of $ 24 million (equivalent to 170 million yuan), an area of ​​930 square meters is enough to describe it with luxury.

    In September 2018, Beckham set up a football club called "Miami International" in Miami, USA. The main business of the former Manchester United star has also begun to turn to the football club. After coming to Miami, Beckham also started to buy a house and live in taking into account investment. Beckham, who has a net worth of more than $ 100 million, also bought your favorite property.

    How luxurious is Beckham's American mansion? "Sun" and "Daily Mail" brought internal photos of luxury homes:

    The at the end of last year, Miami's New Thousands Museum Building was completed. This is a 62 -story and 215 -meter residential building. It is designed by the team of the late architect Zaha Hadid and is considered one of the world's top luxury homes. Beckham bought the top floor with a total price of up to $ 24 million.

    The luxury house covers an area of ​​10,000 square feet, which is 930 square meters. The layout of the full -floor window means that the Beckham family can enjoy the sea view at 360 degrees without dead ends and the famous "Little Havana".

    Bayham has 4 children: eldest son Brooklyn, second son Romeo, three son Cruz, and little daughter Harper. There are also 5 bedrooms in the luxury homes in Miami, USA. Beckham and 4 children have their own rooms.

    The private lane on the top floor of the luxury house, Beckham can stop his luxury car to the top floor.

    Is "ordinary equipment" such as swimming pools and gyms, Beckham's mansion is everything.

    The top of this skyscraper has a private helicopter apron, which is also the only apron in Florida's private residential building.

    For Beckham, this time I bought a house for work. In the future, Beckham will be more in the United States as the owner of the New Army Miami International, the New Army of the American Professional Football League. During the new crown, Beckham lives in the mansion of Colts Walds, England, with a mansion of more than 6 million pounds. As a public figure, Beckham also called on people to pay attention to hygiene and maintain health.

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