2 thoughts on “How to exchange Q coins in the account to WeChat wallet”

  1. 1. Although QQ and WeChat are owned by Tencent, Q coins and WeChat red envelopes cannot be transferred to each other.
    2, Q coins are a virtual currency issued by Tencent. After the recharge is successful, it is mainly used to exchange game coupons and open monthly services in Tencent. It cannot be directly redeemed into WeChat red envelopes.
    3. If you want to exchange WeChat red envelopes with Q coins, you need to use a third -party platform for Q coins to consignment.
    4. Search "Q coins exchange WeChat red envelope" on the computer or search for "Q coins consignment" in a mobile app store to find such a platform.

    5, after finding, contact the customer service staff on the website, and follow the prompts of the customer service step by step.

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