1 thought on “Radar coin can open on May 1st”

  1. cannot.
    The radar coin closure network for more than 3 months, can it be restarted by the network, whether the fund trading is, whether the United States has this radar currency network server?
    Radarlab, Radarlab, was originally known as VPAL (later named radar currency) to close the network from the evening of October 19, 2021. The radar gateway directly announced that the radar was permanently closed, so how many people could not sleep at night, and investors were enthusiastic about passing. Life. Now that it has passed, radar investors order the radar coin wallet every day. Hope I hope to open the network every day to restart. After many projects collapsed, it was waiting for the network. It is rumored that the radar network management deletes the radar data and ran away with money. Before the collapse, there were many problems with the radar currency. In addition to the plunge of the currency price plummeted The currency withdrawal channels have also been closed.

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