4 thoughts on “Musk's $ 251 billion is worth the richest man in the United States. Why is Musk so rich?”

  1. 马斯克之所以能够成为世界首富主要是因为美国十年的大牛市,特斯拉股票节节攀升,给马斯克本人带来了巨大财富,还有就是马斯克本人非常喜爱比特币,而比特币It has continued to skyrocket for a while, so it also brought huge income to Marst. In the golden age of electric vehicles, Tesla became the biggest beneficiary.
    Musk's reasonable to become the richest man in the world is that since the subprime mortgage crisis, the Fed's five quantitative easing has released a lot of liquidity, and most of these money released in the United States has flowed into the stock market. The stock market ticket prices have been rising for the past year, so the total market value of Tesla has exceeded $ 1 trillion, which directly drives Musk's gains. An entrepreneur who pays Bitcoin, buy Tesla can use Bitcoin to pay, and the cost is about 30,000 US dollars. Now Bitcoin prices have skyrocketed to more than $ 60,000. It can be said that it has brought Musk a huge huge Income.
    It is in the golden age of electric vehicles. Under the background of the carbon neutral and era, electric vehicles are popular all over the world. It is irresistible to replace traditional fuel vehicles. As the biggest beneficiary, with many core areas of technology, it has obtained huge benefits, and Tesla's new energy vehicle sold to Musk has brought huge benefits. In addition, the space exploration technology company founded by Muskso has already been with Many American companies cooperate, and the orders received each year are hundreds of millions of levels to directly help Musk increase their worth.
    Mask so can become the richest man in the world, mainly through the impact of these corresponding factors. In fact, because Musk himself dares to do it, many Tianma imagination, Musk can always seize the corresponding opportunities and develop it into it into it into When you grow up, you will eventually get huge wealth.

  2. It is because he can start a business well, and he has the minds of a businessman, and can grasp the new energy market well.

  3. There are many business fields involved in Musk, and I am a person who is particularly capable of innovating and innovative. Dare to try to obtain wealth

  4. Mainly because his electric vehicle manufacturing and the space rocket manufacturing industry are very, very mature, which has made him a big rank.

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