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  1. The official guidance price of the current Audi Q3 is between 240,000 and 340,000, but because this model has been on the market for a long time, Audi has released a new Audi Q3 overseas, so some areas have a lot of preferential intensity, generally, they are generally all, generally, they are generally. It is a discount of 40,000 to 50,000.
    The Q3 has two models, one 1.4T, a 2.0T, as a compact SUV. The advantage of the engine is that it will not shake as powerful as the three -cylinder.
    The sales of this car in the country are also a handful of Audi models. As a compact city SUV, because of his appearance and his brand effect, it can be said that all wanted to buy all wanted to buy to buy at that time. The car's urban female small white -collar worker heart, the appearance of this car is very beautiful, very round, and it is very suitable for the Chinese people's aesthetics. As an Audi model, LED headlights and flowing water turning lights can be described as the top priority. Various safety configurations are now much higher than models of the same level. The whole car is equipped with 4 airbags, which largely ensure the personal safety of the driver. Space can only be used, and there is no particularly prominent performance in this regard.
    , like other Audi models, the power is enough, and the steering wheel steering is also very light, not too laborious. And while ensuring lightness, it also guarantees the direction of the steering wheel clearly, which means where to fight. The suspension is relatively hard, but the road feel is particularly clear. In the process of driving this car, you can clearly feel what kind of road you are on.
    It because of the positioning of this car, his disadvantages are also conspicuous, that is, the trunk and his rear seats are not very spacious. At the same time, the road feel is a disadvantage of a lot of tire noise. It has been listed for seven or eight years. The interior after the change is not very scientific and technological. In terms of comfort, his front seats have no waist support, which is also a performance of price loss.
    If for the so -called brand or appearance, I suggest you buy this car with a lot of discounts. I suggest that you consider other models, Aung Kewei, wing tiger, all pretty good.
    Is my answer can help you.

  2. Hello, the online quotation of the Audi Q3 is currently between 240,000 and 340,000. At present, the Audi Q3 has a lot of models on sale, which is a compact SUV. It is listed in December 2017. It can be queried on a car purchase platform. Until now, there are still 2013 second -hand Audi Q3, the price is about 10 yuan, and now the new cars are new in 2018.
    The cheapest 30TFSI standard online price is about 250,000, but the recent 2018 Audi Q3 price has been reduced. This one is about 60,000 yuan. Their most basic configuration has two configurations. This standard engine is 1.4T 150 horsepower L4. The gearbox is 6 -speed dual -clutch, the body is 4398*1841*1591, five doors and five SUV cars, in the five -door and five -seater SUV cars, in the five -door and five -seat SUV cars, in the five -door and five -seater SUV cars, in the five -door and five -seater SUV cars, in the five -door and five -seater SUVs, in the five -door and five -seater SUVs, in the five -door and five -seater SUVs, in the five -door and five -seater SUVs, in the five -door and five -seater SUVs, in the five -door and five -seater SUV cars. The data given on the car purchase platform is the highest speed of 201KM/h, and the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 6.3L. In fact, the road fuel consumption will be higher. The quality of the preparation is 1525kg. The same configuration as his foundation is also fashionable, fashionable, all 1.4T.

    Themid series is 35 TFSI fashion type, which is higher than 30 TFSI. In, his engine is 2.0T 180 horsepower L4, 7 -speed dual -clutch, the same size as above, the maximum speed of 215km/h, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 7L, and the road may be higher. At the same time, this series also has sports types.
    The and two are special models, 35TFSI Quattro full -time four -wheel drive sports type, and 40TFSI Quattro full -time four -wheel drive type, the price is 330,000 to 340,000, but the two cars have fallen by more than 70,000 more than 70,000. Yuan is also very good.
    2018 Audi Q3 is the 30th anniversary model, and the price reduction has been reduced a lot in recent periods. Choosing a model you like, now it is very good to start. I hope what I said is helpful to you, I wish you a happy car to buy a car

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer the questions for you.nHello, I am helping you sort out the answer to the question, please wait a while ~nThis car is now relatively large, about 25,000 yuan. This model is equipped with a preferential discount. This price is about 210,000, which is basically this price. In this current, it can be considered because the discount of this car is already very large, which means that this chip is because this chip is due to this chip Short, the output of this car manufacturer. The output of automobile manufacturers is relatively low, so if this model is now, it means that if there is too much discount that you can consider, it is estimated that it is unlikely.n1 morenBleak

  4. At present, it is worth starting
    Price: Q3 has been sold since 2012. At present, the price of Q3 1.4 TFSI (110kW) is $ 43,400, and the Q3 2.0 TDI Sport Quattro (135kW) is priced at $ 58,000.
    The characteristic:
    The Audi claims that the new Q3 will also be more driving. You can choose a powerful turbocharged gasoline and diesel models, improve the control, retain its movement characteristics, and provide it at the same time to provide it More off -road capabilities.
    The four -cylinder turbocharged engine will be launched, including 110KW 1.5 -liter turbocharged gasoline in the entry -level Q3 TFSI 35.
    2. The report shows that other engines in this series will include 140kW TFSI 40 and 169KW TFSI 45 gasoline, and 2.0 liters of 110kW TDI 35 and 140KW TDI 40 diesel variants, which represents the continuous confidence in oil burners.
    The transmission of the new Q3 includes six -speed manual or seven -speed S TRONIC dual -clutch automatic transmission. All transmission uses permanent Quattro full -wheel drive.
    The standard suspension device includes a McPherson pillar with a four -link rear axis, with a sports suspension adjustment device, which can bring spring/shock absorber adjustment and progressive steering as S LINE outer packaging. a part of.
    Audi said that the two suspension settings can easily balance the city. The highway and soil pavement can be driven. It is adjusted by the 77mm long wheelbase and the six -mode "Drive Selection of Dynamic Control System". The shock -changing characteristics, as well as the shock absorbers in the third quarter, are equipped with optional adaptive damping.
    The modular MBQ platform based on Volkswagen is also the second quarter. Skoda KaroQ and Volkswagen's golf and Tiguan are the basis. It extended 97 mm to 4485 mm, and now it is 25 mm wide, which leads to more knee and elbow space and Q5's comfort.
    The guide space also increases from 420 liters to 530 liters, but it can be expanded to 675mm by sliding back to 675mm. Folding 40:20:40 Sitrobed backbone can increase the capacity to 1525 liters.
    It in the front, Audi has replaced the analog instrument with the standard configuration 10.25 -inch digital instrument screen, and the 12.3 -inch virtual cockpit display is available.
    In outside, the new Audi Q3 looks more bolder than its predecessor. It uses the brand's new design language, including the bold octagonal grille. Narrow LED headlights.

  5. The Audi Q3 currently offers between 190,200 and 262,400.
    The Audi Q3 is small and cute in appearance, and it feels very elegant. I watched the medium and large SUV of Q5 Q7. Suddenly, I saw this small and cute one, and I was really very attractive. The daytime running lights and tail lights are really beautiful, and the turn on the Q3 on the road is also very high.

    The interior is still very Audi, which is more exquisite and simple. The front row of the space is good, the rear space is slightly smaller, and the space of the tail box is moderate.
    The engine of 2.0T on the power is completely sufficient, and there is a pushing back to the end. The control is also very good, and it is unexpected that the fuel consumption is not as high as expected. The sound insulation effect is good, and the sound quality is very good.
    In general, Q3 is more suitable for the young man, or the young couple who has just got married. If you are relatively high, it is recommended to consider other models, otherwise it will be a little sin in the back row.

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