4 thoughts on “What should I do if Haier TV has always shown that the system is starting?”

  1. In general, it is a crash, similar to a computer crash or a mobile phone. Restarting is the most convenient way. It is best to remove the power and re -turn it on, which can usually return to normal. If you do n’t use it like this, it may be a systematic problem. The TV dead machine causes the boot screen to fix it, turn off the power, and then re -connect the power.

    1. It is estimated that the operating system is faulty. The flashing machine can generally solve the problem.

    It smart TVs also use Android systems, and the built -in motherboard is also similar to the motherboard and processor of the mobile phone. Therefore, it can be understood that it is a mobile phone equipped with a large screen. After installing the Android system, it is installed on the system that is specially used for smart TVs. If there is a problem with the system that causes the failure to start normally, it can be resolved by flashing. Of course, you must brush the corresponding smart TV system, and the corresponding software must be installed after brushing the machine.
    2, you can try to reset the TV. When you turn it on, press the signal source key on the TV, and then select the recovery according to the prompts. Or just find out after sale.

    3, the TV smart system is abnormal, you can restart the TV and try.

    4. In the case of poor networks, this may also occur, but it is rare. You can check whether the network at home is normal. Re -connect the network and check whether the network cable is normal.

  2. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, from the 1960s to the 1970s, China has mastered the "two bombs and one star" technology; in 1973, rice expert Yuan Longping cultivated a "sanctuary hybrid rice". , Known as "Oriental Demon Rice". Yuan Longping has therefore won the "National Supreme Science and Technology Award" in China.

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    The reference materials Baidu Encyclopedia-Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China

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    The new "height" 8844.43 meters of Mount Everest
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    2. New progress of nano quantum structure control experiments and theoretical research
    The basic problems of the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences around the foundation of nano -electronics, in terms of exploration, assembly laws and material nature of unit devices, etc. In the past few years, international impact has been incurred. In 2006, it made important progress in a series of, and gradually formed a systematic work.
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    5. Longxin 2E general 64 -bit processor
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    7. Chinese scientists have found a new mechanism of Alzheimer's disease
    On November 19th, the online version of the famous international academic journal "Nature · Medicine" published online in Shanghai Life of the Chinese Academy of Sciences The Research Group of the Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Science Research Institute of the Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology has produced the latest research results of
    for the new research results of
    . This result reveals the new mechanism of Alzheimer's disease, and suggests that β2-adrenaline receptors may become a new target for therapeutic drugs to develop Alzheimer's disease.
    8. my country ’s anti-diabetes new drug research has made pioneering progress

    The scientists in the Department of Department of Department of Sciences Shanghai Pharmaceutical Institute in 2006 at non-peptide small molecule hypoglycemic peptide -1 receptor agonist agent Important progress has been made in the field of research, and the relevant results were published on the first week of January 2007 in the Internet version of the International Authority
    The online version of the American Academy of Sciences (PNAS). In a written release of the media of the American Academy of Sciences, the editorial department of the American Academy of Sciences pointed out to the media that such orally orally non -peptide small molecular agonists may become a new type of diabetes
    disease, obesity, and other related metabolic diseases therapy.
    9. Revealing the mystery of fruit flies, the basics of the neurological biology of the memory

    The latest research results of the research group of the Institute of Biophysics of the Institute of Biological Physics, revealing the mind of the fruit flies There is no universal memory center, but different feelings are stored in different areas, and like humans can remember different parameters such as the height, size, and color of the image. Different parameters. Through the study of fruit fly memory genes, it can be further used into mice, mammals, and even human beings, and solve mental diseases such as human insomnia and dementia from
    10. The end control technology and application of drinking water quality safety risk
    timely evaluation of water quality status and response to emergencies. The online monitoring and early warning technologies suitable for endwater quality monitoring, establish and improve the test method of material toxicity, and form a technical system suitable for water quality assessment at the molecular and cell level. The key technologies developed in the research have independent intellectual property rights.

  3. It is estimated that the operating system is faulty. The flashing machine can generally solve the problem. 2. You can try to reset the TV. When you turn it on, press the signal source key on the TV, and then select the recovery according to the prompts. 3. The TV intelligent system is abnormal, you can exchange power off and restart the TV to try. 4. Re -connect the network and check whether the network cable is normal.

  4. It is estimated that the operating system has a failure. Generally speaking, the brushing machine can solve the problem. If you can't brush the machine yourself, you must go to the after -sales service office. 2. Try to reset the TV, press the signal source key on the TV when turning on, and then select to recover according to the prompts. 3. TV intelligent system abnormalities. After cutting off the AC power, you can try to restart the TV. 4. Re -connect the network and check whether the network cable is normal.

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