genuine gemstone jewelry wholesale How to apply for Konami account?

genuine gemstone jewelry wholesale

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  1. costume jewelry wholesale online First, first, you need a VPN that must be hanging from the login webpage.
    . Then click: Cardgame-Network.konami/#/
    . Users who log in to the website will encounter:
    1, regional selection- "Asia"-"Hong Kong/HONG/HONG "Kong, the font will automatically become traditional Chinese.
    2. Enter the date of birth.
    4. Register Konami ID (official account)
    1, click "Press this for the first time!"
    2, click "Create Konami ID"
    The knowledge extension
    1. Konami outlines one of Japan's most influential game software vendors, Konami. The name Konami comes from Kouzuk (last month), Nakama (Zhongzhen), Matsuda (Matsuda) and Ishihara (Ishihara). It has been founded for 39 years since its establishment in 1969. It can be said to be the old name of the industry.不管你喜欢哪种类型的游戏,在KCE出品的游戏中总会找到自己的最爱--《合金装备》、《恶魔城》、《寂静岭》、《实况足球》、《心跳回忆》、《 Soul Dou Luo "," Ninja Turtle "," Salom Snake "," Fantasy Water Margin "," Mechen King "," Water Soul Dou Luo "," Oh! " There are classic game series in mainstream games.
    . The real rise of Konami was in the late 1980s and early 1990s. At that time, relying on the success of a large number of FC game software and a large number of well -made arcade games. Konami in the Japanese video game market can be said to be invincible. By 1992, Konami sat on the top chair of the third -party manufacturer in Japan. In 1992, Shijia's "VR Racing", 1993 NAMCO "Ridge Racing" and Sega's "VR Warrior" set off a tide of 3D games. People began to look forward to the appearance of 3D games on the home machine platform.
    . Although KONAMI has a strong economic strength, it is inherently inadequate in terms of technical strength. In this new revolution, KONAMI suffered a lot of impact. During the period of 1994 to 1995 In 1995, a total of $ 4 per share was $ 4. Later, Konami began to re -deploy strategic plans, and the game produced gradually changed from shooting to sports and action games. After entering 2000, Konami once again glowed with amazing light. In 1999, KONAMI stocks were listed in London and Konami's shares officially landed in New York in September 2002. The Kelle Milk Co., Ltd. became the only international listed company in the world in the world. In 2002, KONAMI's turnover exceeded 250 billion yen, which deserved to become a dominant of Japanese game software vendors.

  2. jewelry supplies wholesale usa First open the game
    2. Select the country and region, do not change the language, fill in the birth year and email
    3. Then go to this page that it is wrong, send a message that activates the next step to the filling in the email that is filled in Essence Open the mailbox, use the browser to open the next step
    4. Enter the second step, the account number is used in the letter, as well as the password. As for the password below, I think it is just right to change it directly. Replace the time for 3 months to replace
    5. Register successfully
    6. , Enter the login interface, at this time, you need to open a VPN into the Japanese line to log in. Otherwise, you can't log in
    7. After the login is successful, you will play back the game, prompting you to bind successfully

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    konami ID refers to the ID specially set for you to use the online service provided by Konami. Registered Konami ID members are free. On the Konami ID portal website, you can perform new member registration of KONAMI ID, registration of game ID, update of registration information, and re -issuance of passwords. The specific operations are as follows:

    1. After selecting the options that suits you on the List of Language and Language, you can register Konami ID from the "New Member Registration" column.

    2. Use Konami ID in your area. In order to provide you with the best online gaming environment and better expansion of services in line with the country and region, online games and online services specify the sales area and the location of the product.

    3. If the customer has registered Konami ID, and its country and region and designated sales areas and products are different, they will not provide sufficient services and support.
    4, Game ID refers to the special ID of Konami's online game.

    5, a KONAMI ID only corresponds to a Game ID. It can be registered for free with Konami ID.
    The customers who already have KONAMI ID, please log in through the Konami ID in use, and register for game from "Query Modification of Registration Information".

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