3 thoughts on “Foreign industry cooperation in the automotive industry seeks innovative ideas”

  1. The landlord is doing cars. If it is a civilian mid -to -high -end car, you can also cooperate with some professional medical institutions. Because some high -end medical industry customer base consumption power is very high, and health medicine has high awareness of people, it will be better to improve the safety and reliability of the automotive industry through these companies. A person can not buy a car, but it must not be treated. The exotic cooperation is the meaning of the long -term and strong combination of strength. If you are interested, you can find me.

  2. What you said is not a new sales model. It is a change in marketing methods. The main concern now is the user experience and consumers interact. The decline in your performance is not a change representing the traditional sales model. What has changed now is only to communicate with consumers, or the change of communication methods. I also do marketing. Now there are car maintenance supplies. Our point is that marketing driving consumption. We can cooperate with the opportunity.

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