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  1. White yellow blocks may refer to three flower cats or yellow raccoon cats. They are all Chinese varieties, and they have strong adaptability and resistance. They are not easy to get sick and easy to raise. What cats are white with yellow blocks, and may be the three flower cats of Chinese idyllic cats. Sanhua cat, as the name suggests, is the cat's body: yellow, white, and black, but the appearance of the three flower cats is very unstable, so these three colors may not appear on Sanhua cats at the same time, and there will also be a variety of patterns. But heights and lows. Sanhua cat is friendly and has strong adaptability and resistance, so it is not easy to get sick and easy to raise.
    Thisy yellow blocks may also refer to yellow raccoon cats. The yellow raccoon cat is the yellow civet cat, which is also the variety of my country. Their appearance is generally yellow and white. Personality is more lively, sticky, and strong adaptability. It can also be independent. It is a pet cat that is easier to raise.

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